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Dec 02, 2021

Cyber Security Jobs

Cyber Security Job

The Cyber Security industry is constantly growing, and there are many career options for Cyber Security professionals. Cyber Security careers include anything from Cyber Intelligence to Penetration testing, Cyber Operations to Information Assurance.

If you're interested in Cyber Security jobs, this article will give you a brief overview of the most common Cyber security job roles available today. If you're looking for Cyber Security jobs in a specific country, check out Cyber Security Jobs by Country.

This is an overview of Cyber Security job roles. For more information on Cyber Security roles and Cyber security career paths, Cyber Security Career Paths outlines the most common Cyber security roles in depth.

It's important to note that a Cyber Security professional can find work in Cyber Security jobs with varying levels of Cyber security experience, skills, and education. It's common for Cyber Security professionals to move between different Cyber Security job roles after gaining some Cyber Security experience, or to take a Cyber Security job that is entry-level.

For more information on Cyber security, entry-level jobs see Cyber Security Jobs Entry Level. Cyber Security professionals are also encouraged to pursue Cyber Security Certifications to increase their Cyber security job opportunities. Cyber Security Jobs by Certification helps Cyber Security professionals find the Cyber security certifications they need for particular cyber security jobs.

For more information on Cyber Security careers, check out our CyberSecurityJobsBlog! Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

Summarized list of Cyber Security job roles:

- Penetration Tester

- Red Team Operator

- Intrusion Analyst/Detective/Investigator

- Incident Responder/Manager

- Forensic Investigator

- QA / Auditor / Vulnerability Scanner Engineer

- Risk Management Analyst - System Administrator / Engineer (various)

- Web Application Developer / Engineer

- Malware Analysis Specialist

- Cyber Security Researcher - Cyber Intelligence Analyst - Cyber Defense Systems Engineer

- IT Security Operations Center (SOC) Specialist/Engineer

- Cyber Corporal

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